Canada is the second largest country in the world and geographically it occupies 41% of North America. It is a developed nation and also one of the wealthiest in the world. It ranks among the top most countries when it comes to the international measurements of government transparency, quality of life, civil liberties, education and economic freedom. It also stands among the world's most educated countries.

Canadian culture has been mainly influenced by the American culture because of its proximity and migration between the two countries. The residents of Canada come from diverse racial and religious backgrounds. Thus, it is quite difficult to describe a typical Canadian family. Though most of the Canadians are Catholic, many belong to various different religions. There are some cultural characteristics which are shared by most of the Canadians. The country enjoys a society which is open and absolutely free of class distinctions. Most of the Canadian people take delight in the fact that everyone deserves the same rights and respect, in spite of their race, gender, religion or cultural background. Canadians usually do not like any disrespectful comments for a particular background. They are generally open-minded, polite and extremely community-oriented citizens. International students studying in Canada can get comfortable and easy staying options there. They can enjoy a high quality of life there. According to the United Nations, Canada is one of the finest places in the world to live. As an international student you will also enjoy the same freedoms which protect Canadians – respect for human rights, equality, stable and calm society.
Educational system of Canada is very up to dated or advance, due to which the literacy rate in the nation is really good. There more than 9 lakh people have been engaged in educational sector. The Educational system there has been divided into Elementary education, Secondary Education and Higher Education. The Colleges there offers best and superior education in affordable fees. More than 90 colleges in Canada are affiliated with top class universities. They offer numerous career options to the students from technical to diploma programs. The colleges and Universities there, help international students with great career paths through athletic, academic and special scholarships. Canada plays host to more than 180,000 abroad students almost every year. Gradually, Canada is becoming the country of choice for most of the students from different parts of the world. The country spends more per capita on its education system than any other country. A Degree or Diploma from a Canadian Institute is acknowledged everywhere in the world. Students who graduate from this country enjoy booming and wealthy careers. The country is well known around the world for its quality education and competitive entry requirements.
The second largest country in the world is full of stunning landscapes and beautiful sites for travelers to discover. Apart from coasts the country is home to lively and culturally rich cities, along with unbelievable natural wonders. While staying in Canada, students from abroad can also get unique learning and experience from the culture and historic sites of the country. Canada is having historic sites which tell their own exceptional story, museum of history and national parks, international students can collect an exceptional experience and exciting learning by visiting them. Canada has also many adventure tailored for you in nearby locations. Some exciting activities which should be done for the real adventure in Canada includes Ski Whistler, Vancouver Island's west coast, The Trans Canada trail, Raft the Shubenacadie tidal bore, River canoeing/kayaking, Polar bears in Churchill, Red-sided garter snakes, Wired for fun in Whistler and Toronto's pillow fighting league. So while your stay in Canada, apart from your studies you can also explore a lot about life with the fantastic locations and adventurous activities there.
Each year Canada is accepting about quarter of a million new permanent residents from different nations. Once you are accepted there, then you will be free to live permanently in a country which has been consistently rated by the UN as the world's best nation to reside in. Canada is also the world's second biggest country, rich in natural resources like oil. Studying in Canada offers you a way to explore the country from a variety of perspectives – cultural, artistic, geographical, historical, political or economic. The schools & universities in Canada are home for international students as they get education there from expertise faculties. Here, the studies program provides opportunities for students to learn at its best. For international students Canada is a very comfortable, peaceful, stable and calm nation to live in. Apart from good studies they can also explore various beautiful things about life there.

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