Australia is a multicultural country from over 210 different nationalities. The overall population is above 23 million people in Australia. Its citizens are generally laid-back, open and direct, say what they mean and are usually more individual and extrovert than many other cultures. The best part is there are no formal class divisions and segregation between people of different incomes or backgrounds.

Australia is an independent society which believes in treating people equally. People there mostly introduce and address each other with their first name. As, it is a country where natives from different nation resides, it is difficult to define what is typical in their culture. It is a destination where you can meet people from nations, know about them and their culture, and learn from them. You can maintain your own customs with the Australian community and most of the Australians will appreciate your religion. An individual can maintain their own identity. Almost all the students who studied in Australia experience some degree of culture shock when they come back home after having studied in there for a period of time. Students studying there often start adapting the lifestyle of Australia. They experience better individual freedom and explore more about life while living away from their families.
Australia consists seven of the top 100 universities in the world. Over 22,000 courses are available in 1,100 institutions of Australia. More than 2.5 million international students have taken their career graphs on a way higher level after studying in Australia. Most of these international students are amongst the world's finest minds. Australia may be a world away, but it is the brilliant introduction to the overseas learning travel for an aspiring adventurer. Apart from cool kangaroos and cuddly koalas, there is no language gap and shortage of adventure. Your journey will be full of amazing experiences there, which will leave you with wonderful memories to last a lifetime! If your areas of interest in studies are history, promoting peace and serving justice then studies in Australia will be perfect fit for you. The political and social dynamics of the country will add on to the scheme of your visit. Australia could be a great study abroad destination for you to explore more about life.
Australia is famous for its stunning outdoors, scenery and wildlife experiences. From the greatness of the remote Kimberley, Tasmanian wilderness to bird-watching in Kakadu National Park there are various ways to see Australia's exceptional wildlife and beautiful landscapes. Australia offers many choices to its visitors or tourists; they can challenge themselves there with ancient forests and adventurous places or enjoy spongy beds and gourmet meals there with luxurious destinations and marine environment. Australia is the world's smallest continent and largest island of the world. The size of Australia is almost same as the United States, but its overall population is equal to the population of New York State. Australia is a land of amazing contrast and unbelievable beauty. Along with the beautiful beaches of the country, visitors can also explore the lively multicultural cities, safari across vast sand islands, ancient rainforests, and dive the Great Barrier Reef. Top it all due to the laidback feel and friendly Australians, it is no wonder this country scores top billing on bucket lists in the world.
Australia is having third highest number of international students in the world after UK and US, in spite of having a population of only 23 million. Five of the 30 best cities in the world for international students are from Australia. The country provides affordable and quality of life to the students. It is considered as a best study destination as all important elements for students are available there. Living in this country will be an exciting and new experience for you. Educational institutes as well as other organizations help students from abroad in adjusting to easier life in Australia. Whether you are there for a period of few months or a few years, you will have a safe and pleasing study experience. One of the most interesting aspects of this country for students from abroad is the excellence of scientific research. Australia is at the leader of latest technology and innovations. Students who study there can take benefit of the country's inspiring technology and research resources. When people think of Australia, they only see wide open spaces of outback bush, kangaroos, koalas, clean air and water. Though Australia offers much more apart from these, you can experience all that while staying there.

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